We've shoot a bunch of films...now what? (our new Reel is out)

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in May 10, 2017


In the last year (and now I mean a little bit more than 2016, with a few months from 2015) we've produced several films here at Hola Media, from shorts to feature. And we are not planning to stop here. We want to do more because we can do so much more than what we did last year.

Yes, we are struggling like everybody else to finance our productions, get as many people to see them, participating in as many film festivals we can but we are part of an industry that is constantly changing. More and more productions are being shot in Transylvania and yes, it's a great destination for your film project.

We always joke around that we are vampires (you know...Transylvania, Dracula, etc) but actually we are a team of passionate and hard-working people here looking for interesting film projects to work on.

This article is a short one, we just wanted to drop you our new reel and we hope you enjoy it.