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We are true believers in people. We stand out for each other when shit hits the fan, but we also work together to find the best solutions for our clients, find the best possible workflows and of course, we don't forget to have fun while doing all that. We are all passionate about our work and our love for film drives us to be better than yesterday always pushing our limits.
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Horațiu Curuțiu

Horațiu is our Producer and DP. He wears superhero socks and loves fantasy movies. He really doesn’t seem to get that some things can’t be done. Luckily, he manages to convince all of us that no project is too complex and proves us that anything is doable. He’s all about challenges, always trying new stuff, from DIY camera gear to different filming or lightning techniques. However, if you see him wearing his Darth Vader socks, try not to piss him off.

Andreea Curuțiu

Andreea is the one who keeps us down to earth all the time. You probably wouldn't tell at first, she's all mad about unicorns, kid riddles and brain teasers. However, when things get complicated, she's the one who makes all the important phone calls and just as important, the one who tempers us.
Producer, PR, Casting director

Irina Enea

If there is a dream there is a way! She believes it goes just the same for any cinematic project. So her style in production will always be easy to recognize by the stubbornness to find creative and financial solutions and the fresh perspective on cinema industry, most probably due to her quite...eclectic background: degree in Economics, 7 years of Swiss corporate company work discipline plus 15 years of entrepreneurship in event organizing, PR & marketing strategies and jewellery design. She puts all her heart, soul and good energy into a project she believes in and mountains shall start moving! Ah, and she  always enjoy the ride! ;)
Senior Editor & PM

Radu Tătar

The one who always has his ‘haha’s with him. He believes that his sense of humor is the reason he gets in trouble ever so often but he doesn't care, he just wants to tell it as it is. In addition to the smart remarks, he also does a bit of video editing, has the tendency to overthink every detail and always tries to remain unbiased and fair in every situation. His love for nature is only surpassed by the one for music and he'd like to grow old in the land of always summer.

Octavian Șaramet

Things like suspense, tension, cliffhanger and manipulation are as usual as ”Good Morning!” or ”How is the weather?", but in the meantime he is a sneakerhead who drinks lots of espresso.
Making film photography is another way of how Octavian ”cuts to”. He loves to deconstruct the process of editing and he tries to find new ways to improve it. Afterwards, editing is certainly an art itself, Octi knowing how to put montage on the map.

Laurențiu Curuțiu

He’s the know-and-do-it-all guy we all count on, be it finding a quick fix for some unexpected situation on set, carrying the heaviest equipment or a technical problem at the office. He can manage a lightning plan on short notice and adapt to any given situation.
Camera operator 

Andrei Siran

You can call him Siri. Not because he knows it all, but because he's witty and loves learning new things every day while doing what he loves, from moving and setting up the gear to operating cameras on set, video editing and motion designs. He loves a good challenge and he's always eager to help in any way he can.
CAmera Operator

Daria Gizdavu

With a funky personality and a great love for people and community, Daria loves new experiences and learning opportunities. She is very passionate about art and everything image related, and also quite a perfectionist. She started with photography and then collage, and eventually fell in love with cinema. She loves any creative challenge and likes to experiment with different mediums and techniques. She grows over 20 plants in her tiny bedroom and listens to scary stories while cooking in her free time. Ultimately, she is a big believer that everything is possible once you put you mind to it.
Graphic designer

Andrei Golomoz

My description and photo are still 
video editor

Mișa Petreanu

Soft hearted and always cheerful, Misha will always greet you with an enthusiastic smile. She's a bit of a jack of all trades - interested in everything from scriptwriting to the postproduction process. When she isn't working, she is more than happy to hold lovely conversations about books, movies or anything else that may cross your mind.
Maintainance department

Adriana Mocan

Never late, always with a make-up on, our Adriana is helping us keep the workplace
fresh and tidy, so we can better focus on our digital remit.
Quite strict about fashion and manners tho', this cute lady is gonna tell you frankly what she thinks about you but is gonna also be there for a good talk, a warm morning tea and a nice mommy hug.

Could be YOU

We are always looking for amazing people to work with. Mail us your CV at contact@numafilm.ro
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