Two days of shooting in Cluj-Napoca's streets with Oscar Raga - Behind the scenes

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in November 9, 2017


This summer, in August to be more precise, we've got an email from Oscar saying that he wants to shoot a music video for his new song Haka Haka Haka (Move your Body). It's not on our daily basis that we make music videos for Swedish artists, so we got to agree pretty fast on therms and everything, this way we were ready for this shoot by the end of the month, right after we've booked Denisa Hodisan our main actress. We had a pretty tight 2 days of shooting with Oscar and our actors, this meant a lot of planning but we made it.

Before every production, we try to get everything on paper in therms of shots, call lists, props, equipment and everything. We have done this for this project too, but after our pre-shoot meeting we decided together to add some scenes into the script to make it better. Well, every time you that close to production, something may go wrong. :). And guess what...we had luck 🙂 Except some minor details, every day of shooting went pretty smooth according to what we have planned.

Our makeup and hairstyle were done by Majestique  having both Laura and Georgiana in our team was a great pleasure. It is amazing to work with people that know what they are doing, not thinking about every minor detail because they've already figured everything out. Great job girls 🙂

Basically each day started with a base make-up and hairstyle (of course we had coffee too) so on location we would have more time for other stuff that needed to be done. While Oscar and Denisa were at Majestique getting ready, our crew was already in location seting up gear, lights or whatever it was needed.

Our first scene was in a small and narrow street downtown of Cluj Napoca. This street is divided in half. One half is only for pedestrians and on the other one cars are permited too. We decided to shoot on the pedestrian side since it was more appealing. We've got the approvals from the City Hall of Cluj Napoca pretty fast (Thank you!) and we advise you to do the same no matter of the size of the production.

At this location we were shooting a dance scene for the chorus, basically a 45 second long scene. So we had camera rolling for 1 min and half and after that we were reseting the scene. We decided not close the street and let people pass as much as we can, so we kept the street closed for about 2 minutes and after that open for 10 minutes, in this way people didn't have to wait forever to cross the street. We used one big led lamp just as a kick so we needed power. We have our own generator, but thanks to the owner of Saker Exchange Office we had unlimited power for our lights.

Oh!...I almost forgot about our dance crew: TDance. These amazing girls were incredible. 🙂 You's one thing to make a rehearsal in a dance hall and one thing to actual dance on a narrow street :).

In the evening we moved our crew for the party scene. We had to make a lame party and an awesome one in the same place. So we used two light setups for each one. Regarding this scene, I think we can make a tutorial on how to invade a photographers home and transform it in a set without installing panic to the owner. 🙂 Short advice: Try to make them go away. (I am laughing right now :)) Thank you Laura! Tip: Always make sure you clean the place after shooting 🙂

The last day (second) was all about the square party. It was crazy out there :). We had on set our two main characters Oscar and Denisa, 45 extras and our 11 people crew. So, yes, it was pretty crowded. In few words we had a lot of fun!

But surprise...that wasn't the hardest part. The hardest scene was the one with Oscar playing soccer with 5 kids. Directing kids ain't that easy as it looks. They always want to play and you need to shoot, when you need them in one place they are playing with the ball in another area, but nothing that ice cream wouldn't  fix.

Don't forget to watch the official music video HERE



Music video: Oscar Raga - Haka Haka Haka (Move your Body)

Director/DP: Horatiu Curutiu

Camera Operator: Tommy Turos

1st AC: Bogdan Ciolloi

Best Boy: Bodo Tamas

Gaffer: Alin Tulan

Production manager: Andreea Curutiu

BTS Photographer: Robert Francisc

BTS Video: Adrian Cosarca

Editor: Bodo Tamas

VFX: Alin Ciufudean

Colorist: Horatiu Curutiu/Bogdan Ciolloi

Hairstyle: Georgiana Cotarla (Majestique)

Makeup: Laura Tamas (Majestique)