This is the third. Third day

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in April 4, 2017

Watch out! Reading this blog would imply a decent 10 minutes, a cup of coffee and maybe a good laugh. And these are uncensored and honest stories that happend all the time everywhere.

Day 3 arrived. We already thought ahead whatever issues might appear, so in our third morning we were in the mood of shooting some awesome footage.

Then this happened:

We started this day with two scenes to shoot in one location.

First shoot with the mother and the girl we had planned it to start at 12.00 so we had the morning off. At 10.00 we received a phone call from the little girl's mother that was saying that she won't make it. This was 2 hours before the shoot!!! We had to fix it pretty in 2 hours fast.

Some of you know allready, I have two awesome kids 🙂 A 7 year old boy and a 5 year little princess. And yes, I will write about them whenever I can. Usually I don't try much to involve them in acting for our productions because it feels a little unethical, but this time...we basically had no choice. And she nailed it! Yes, my daughter was awesome and I quite enjoyed it. Probably she will play again...I am thinking to get her into a short soon, so, keep watching us. you know what she loved the most on set? Makeup and hairstyle.. 🙂

And yes, my son is in love with anything has to do with photography. He already knows how to set up his camera, he shoots everything he has the chance and if I am on set with him, he wants to help. So this day he helped Tommy set up the camera  and also Adrian with the clapper board (first time when he did this). In few words, I am a proud father. Now let's get back to our blog.

Our first location was this: Castelul printul vanator

When choosing locations, we usually scout to see if we fit in the location. This was not possible because it was rented until the morning with our shoot and we could not enter. So we had to rely on pictures. People from the hotel were pretty nice, rooms are clean and everything, but I wouldn't say that this room is an apartment. More like an extended room.

We finished the first shoot in about 3 hours and we searched for another location "near by". We couldn't let the mother that wasn't coming and the location to mess with our "feng shui" so we start searching.

Actually, it's supposed to be a single location. For the next scene, we needed only a mirror and some wall. We asked if they had it there and they give us the option to rent an apartment from them, which has both the mirror and the bed area. The thing is, they had everything but walls were not placed right :). We didn't have room at all, so we ended up in another situation.

One coffee later...OK! I have to be honest here. 🙂 I started searching for another location a day before because I was thinking that is to "good to be true" to have two scenes in one location...and I called and pre-booked a room at Haller Castle.  So, one coffee later, we confirmed our backup location, packed our gear and at 14.30 we were on our way.

The scene with the nude girl also involved a dog, that we booked a week before. We had Aka (dog's name) confirmed and everything was going smoothly. Aka, is a rescue dog at CST raised and trained by our friend Raul Muresan. It's not the first shoot that we had Aka brought in, we had another one for a campaign two or three years ago, so we knew each other a little bit. She is pretty amazing, well trained and civilised dog. Our issue was, that Haller Castle is not a pet friendly hotel/restaurant/whatever. So, if you plan to make a visit with your four legged friend you cannot. I think this was because of Aka's size. She isn't small at all.

We managed to get the dog in after some minutes of discussions with the person in charge, but they agreed  to let us with the dog in only for 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes. You don't want to know what face I had when they said to me that it is not pet friendly...their website doesn't say anything about this, and on the phone we mentioned the dog and everything was fine.

You know what happened next? we agreed with the 5 minutes and we got upstairs to prepare the scene. When everything was settled, we got Aka in the room and shot with her...until we finished. It didn't take more than 25 minutes. 🙂 The strange thing was, when we entered with the dog, nobody was there and neither when we came out with the dog. On the other hand, Haller Castle is just amazing, the accomodations and restaurant as well.

Gabor made a group photo with his vintage film (don't know model) camera.

Here is the behind the scenes video:

Rootkey feat. Hubert Tubbs - Factory Puppets Making of/behind the scenes #Day 3 from Hola Media on Vimeo.

Also the full video here: