The importance and benefits of a logo

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in February 5, 2014

A logo is a symbol or an emblem used by companies, institutions and public organizations to identify themselves in front of people, so they can be and to be even more recognizable. In simple terms, a logo can be defined as the "face" of a brand or a company. Since the logo has so much importance and significance, the task of building one becomes very difficult.

Being given its great importance, designing a logo is an essential step, that any company should make, and more importantly, they should pay special attention to this process. Whether we are talking about a traditional business or about an on-line logo design is a very important matter. When we talk about logo-design, we have to keep in mind that logos are not destined for commercial companies only. You can build a logo for NGOs, public institutions or even individuals.

The point is that every company that wants to create a durable brand and stay in the minds of the people should pay great importance to the logo design. While public institutions and schools do not make extraordinary efforts regarding this process, companies and business owners who struggle daily with the other competitors on the market must pay attention to the designing process. The reason why companies need to pay special attention to this process is that by creating a logo/brand correctly from the beginning can attract a larger number of customers to their business. On the other hand, the process of designing a logo is not a simple one. This process is complex and there are many aspects that must be considered when creating a logo. In the following lines, I will tell you the 10 most important issues to be considered when conducting a logo.

I'll start by presenting the benefits of a logo for a website, business or organization. You should pay more attention to the following lines if you are considering to invest in creating a logo for your company, business, organization or website:

The benefits of a logo

The logo is the foundation of a company's visual identity.

I will start by asking you a question:  How often do you actually remember the full name of a company when you see it written somewhere (e.g. on a bill, in a newspaper, etc..)?

I will allow myself to guess and say that this does not happen very often. In this case, you must realize that the same thing will happen with your customers if you don’t have a logo. To avoid this situation you must create a visual identity. A logo is a lot easier to remember than a name, and the combination of a well-chosen name and a logo can guarantee a successful identity.

A logo enhances the brand

Every company wants to be well-known and have a resounding success. In order to be able to reach this level, the company needs a memorable logo. Here's another question:

How to identify a piece of clothing from a certain brand? The answer is simple: the logo. Nike or Adidas shirts can be regarded as being identical until the logo is printed on them. A logo reinforces your brand and represents it. In conclusion, a logo can positively or negatively influence the image of a company.


It makes promoting easier

The logo plays a very important role in terms of promoting the company. Think about a mall. The brands make themselves visible by displaying the logo in different ways. What if, instead of logos, you saw the names of the companies that own those brands? How easily could you recognize a company’s product on a billboard if the logo was not on the panel? In most cases, when promoting the company's products, the space given is limited and it must be used as well as possible. For example, you can’t put a full company description on a banner containing, including all of the product info. In this situation, a logo placed on that poster will tell us who owns the product and where we can find it. Briefly, the logo makes the difference!