Production diary #2 and apartments

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in March 20, 2017

Day #2 was our hardest day. We had planned everything, and we needed to shoot in 3 locations. Two of them were rented apartments, and one was the famous Joben Bistro. (why famous? well, it is on top 20 with best interior design in the world. Daily mail also wrote about them : LINK )

We were supposed to start shooting at 10. The schedule for day #2 was like this.

10:00 - First apartment / Electrician scene

13:00 - Second Apartment / Girl Ironing scene

02:00 - Joben Bistro / Mob scene

Pretty busy and long day.

After reconfirming everything a day before, we started to make morning calls, to let the people know we are on our way. First apartment owner didn't answer. We booked the apartments from Airbnb, we saw them on the website. It was really easy to choose, but you have to pay before you can actually enter the apartment. We called the owner, but there was no answer. I don't think the first apartment that we booked for the 10 o'clock really exists. On the site there was an address. We got there, but there aren't any apartments in that building, only a company office of Electrica (Electrica is an electricity distribution state company).

At 10.30 being already behind the schedule, we decided to drop it, and go for our next shoot.

When we got there, we decided, because our actress for the ironing scene hadn't arrived yet, to shoot the electrician scene in what we initially planed to be the ironing scene location and find another place for that one.

Since the electrician scene was shorter, we managed to do it from 11.00 to 13.00. We got our actress for the ironing scene and we were heading for a new location. Oh...While we were shooting, my colleagues that weren't involved in actual shooting manage to find the most amazing location. It was even better that we had initially (Apartment), so we were good.

By the end of the shoot, we were like an hour behind schedule, but after the second scene we had a long break until the mob scene at Joben.  We had enough time to eat lunch and relax .

01:00 - We arrived at Joben a little bit early, having enough time for a quick snack and drinks and by 02.00 we got to work. We managed to clear our set and start shooting an hour later.


As a general conclusions, always try to anticipate possible problems. Try to have a backup plan at all times.

In terms of equipment, we have a number of lenses, lights, tripods, basically anything we need in our studio, but for this kind of projects, where we are "on the go" after short periods of time, we try to keep everything simple.

We shot these scenes with a 28 mm Zeiss CP2 and with a 18 mm Zeiss CP2 (where we needed extra space and couldn't have it on the 28 mm), on a Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K on top of a frugal dolly cart and tracks.  We were shooting RAW (3:1 compression to save some space). Editing was made in Premiere CC 2017 + some After Effects, everything colored in Davinci Resolve 12.5 in our color grading studio.

For the fire...well, I do not recommend trying any of this if you do not have experience playing with fire, or without having a pyrotechnician on the crew. (I did a pyrotechnician course some time ago). We used one 9V battery, with one of our colleagues working the switch, two long wires (simple 1.5 mm) and a copper thread. The ignition fluid was acetone . Again, don't try this if you don't know what you are doing.

Rootkey feat. Hubert Tubbs - Factory Puppets Making of/behind the scenes #Day 2 from Hola Media on Vimeo.


I almost forgot to tell you. We had to switch 3 actresses until we found Aisa. For some reason, when you say to an actress you will have to iron clothes in kitchen wearing only a shirt they think only about dirty things. We didn't go dirty on this shoot :).

We also got our money back from Airbnb for the apartment that we couldn't use because of the owner.