Amazing brewery, 125 beers and some watermelons

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in April 5, 2018


This is one of those projects that you are proud of...Klausenburger is one of the most interesting places in Cluj Napoca, it has the most amazing view over the city, basically you have a 360 view and of course tasty food and great beer. Actually, it is not a restaurant, it is a of those in which they create everything from scratch with their own recipes and the best ingredients out there. We did a tasting...well more than one 🙂 and yes, definitely they deserve some visits.

We've delayed and delayed this blog article for a few months, that's why we decided to make it a little bit longer than usual.

In terms of production, we were tight on schedule. We had to make all 8 ads in one day, so planning was decisive. We've scripted everything, got shotlists and storyboards for all the shots, Pavel (our main actor) was born ready, extras were on set at 8'clock and we hit the record button at 9. We finished as planned at 19.00 with an hour lunch break at 13.00.

We had on set 125 beers. Not that much if you are thinking about the size of the crew 🙂 (actually we had them because we needed them on tables for the extras)


Numa’ bere craft” Campaign

Client: Klausen Burger

Agency: St. Brendan

Alex Malaescu (Art Director)

Andy Daniluc (Copywriter)

HOLA MEDIA (production company)

Director & DP: Horatiu Curutiu

Camera Operator: Tommy Turos

Assistent camera operator: Bogdan Ciolloi

Sound recording: Adrian Carlugea

Lights: Laurentiu Curutiu

Storyboard: Adrian Cosarca

Production assistant: Bogdan Ciolloi & Andreea Curutiu

Edit: Bodo Tamas

BTS video: Adrian Cosarca

BTS foto: Robert Francisc



Don't forget to visit Klausen Burger's Youtube channel to see the ads.



P.S. The elevator works perfectly!