A planet within a planet and a short film

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in June 2, 2017

2016 was a really interesting year for us. It was a busy year with a lot of productions and two of them there will be screened at TIFF16. This post is dedicated to these two films. 


Planeta Petrila (2016) - Documentary/Feature

Synopsis: In Petrila, a Romanian mining town, an ex-miner uses art and absurdism in a struggle to keep history alive.
Director: Andrei Dascalescu
Producer: Anamaria Antoci
Co-producer: Hanka Kastelicová
Cast: Ion Barbu as Himself
          Catalin Cenusa as Himself
Cinematography: Andrei Dascalescu
Camera operator (additional footage): Horatiu Curutiu
Assistant camera: Gabriel Chelcea
Editing:  Andrei DascalescuMircea OlteanuDan Stefan Parlog
Assistant editor: Marieta Manolache
Post-production coordinator: Horatiu Curutiu
Production Company: Filmlab (RO)
Post-production facility: HOLA MEDIA (RO), Colorgrade (RO), Foarfeca Studio (RO), Smart Sound Studios (RO)


Planeta Petrila will have two screenings:

Day 7 / 08 June / 16:00 at The Army House

Day 8 / 09 June / 14:00 at Sapientia University

For both screenings you can get a ticket from here.

I almost forgot 🙂 National premiere of Planeta Petrila, is going to take place in the place where this film was shot: in Petrila.  4th of June at 19.00.

You can find more informations about this event on the event page on facebook HERE.



SOULSCARS (2016) - Drama/Short

After a car accident, two female friends need to face the challenges of readjusting to their new life. Their appartment becomes a neurotic space, where blindness and depression shake hands leading the protagonist to explore her own mind.
Director: Alin Barbir
Associate Director: Horatiu Curutiu
Producer: Horatiu Curutiu, Irina-Maria Bobos
Cast: Irina-Maria Bobos as Irina
           Liana Lapadatu as Neighbor (Vecina)
           Denisse Moise as Denisse
Cinematography: Horatiu Curutiu
Camera operator:  Bogdan Coman
Assistant Camera: Carmin Moldovan
Grip: Gabriel Chelcea
Editing:  Horatiu Curutiu
Colorist: Horatiu Curutiu
Composer: Cezar Enache
Production Assistant: Gabriela Manolache
Production Company: HOLA MEDIA (RO)


Soulscars will be screened in 07 June starting 19.00 at Sapientia University. There is no entry fee, so, you just have to go there take a seat and enjoy. Our short is in the final in the local competition, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

See you at the screenings!