A lot of smoke and a beautiful black horse - Majestique - Behind the scenes

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in August 9, 2017


We took a little break from writing for the last month. Truth is, we are involved in a lot of time demanding projects that take us all the spare time we have. We've shot this in March and we couldn't release it then and we decided to do it now.

Basically, we had to produce a kind of fashion film for a hairstyle saloon in Transylvania (Majestique) that wanted something a little bit different. We decided to make it somewhere near our hometown, but we also wanted to be a little wild. We found the perfect location at Wonderland resort and his surroundings. The horse...yes, the horse we kind of improvised with it because at first, we didn't need a horse. We started shooting, and while we were switching locations the managers from the location told us that they have a horse available if we want to use it. And we did!

In terms of technical stuff, we've shot mainly on shoulder mount (and handheld) with our Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K paired with Zeiss lenses, reflectors, and a smoke machine for the horse shots.

TIP: When using a smoke machine and animals, before you shoot, start using the machine a little bit away from the animal so they can get used to the sound and smoke. After 5-10 min of practice, they get used to everything. Don't try to do something like this without permission of the owner or the animal caretaker.