A lot of behind the scenes films and TIFF16

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in May 23, 2017

Hi, guys! first of all...thanks for following and appreciating our work. We are getting encouraging messages from all over the world and we are glad to know that you find something useful on our blog and our work.

Initially, (last week) we prepared another blog article, but we decided to postpone it a little bit, because of another project coming up. As you probably know, we are based in Transylvania,  in Cluj-Napoca. Yes, it is the land of vampires as I like to call it all the time, but besides all the amazing locations here, it is also our home and not just ours but is also the home of the most amazing film festival in Romania: TIFF - Transilvania International Film Festival. Since 2002 when it started, it had a constant growth shortly becoming the most important event in the film industry in Romania. And yes, this is happening here in our backyard, between 2 - 11 of June 2017. You better not miss it!


So, if you work in the film industry or you just love to watch films, this is the place. Clear your schedule, book a place to stay (Airbnb), don't worry about food and drinks (they are cheap in Romania. Just as an information, one beer in a bar is 1.2-2 Eur). Also, don't forget to let us know about your visit, it is always a pleasure to have a cup of coffee or a beer with you guys and also discussing your future projects.

Every year, TIFF has a special section called 10 for FILM, which is a project meant to introduce young remarkable, but still undiscovered Romanian actors to film audience and film professionals.  Mainly, besides different programs, workshops, and meeting with professionals, during TIFF they are acting in several short films written especially for this project. All of this shorts are produced by a team of professionals during the festival.

Here are the 10 short films that we've shot last year at TIFF15.


Last year, we've shot for 3 days with Radu Bărbulescu as director, shorts written by Radu Bărbulescu, Alina Petrică, Cătălina Bălălău and with Horatiu Curutiu as DP. In therms of numbers, there were 10 Actors, 65 hours (production and post-production), 10 shorts, ~30 min of film (~3 min each), 1 TB of raw data, and 6 BTS films. We've shot all of them on a Sony FS700 paired with an Odyssey 7Q (it is almost a different camera with this recorder) and some cine lenses from Samyang. As for support, we shot everything from a steady cam and of course a remote follow focus (with courtesy of  Ovidiu Gramesc).

As a conclusion, we will bomb you with 6 BTS films from last year 10 for FILM project, and all 10 short films that we shot last year.








Short films:

Radu Bărbulescu

Radu Bărbulescu, Alina Petrică, Cătălina Bălălău
Horațiu Curuțiu

Camera Operator:
Bogdan Coman

Gabriela Manolache, Marieta Manolache, Tommy Turoș, Horațiu Curuțiu

Sound Design:
Cezar Enache

Alin Barbir, Gabriel Chelcea

Sergiu Băcioiu

Making of:
Gabriela Manolache

A Hola Media production for Transilvania International Film Festival

Special thanks:

Rețeaua Privată de Sănătate Regina Maria
Restaurant Matei Corvin
Casa Tranzit
Csilla Albert
Andrei Stehan
Laurențiu Curuțiu
Cătălina Pop
Ionuț Husti
Voluntarilor: Radu, Ada, Laura și Teodora

10 for FILM Team:

Project coordinators:
Ileana Cecanu, Monica Felea

Project assistants:
Cătălin Mesaru, Dimény Áron

Silvia Aștilean

Transilvania International Film Festival (#TIFF) is presented by Romanian Film Promotion and "Asociatia pentru Film si Cultura Urbana". Founded in 2002, Transilvania IFF is the first international feature film festival in Romania.
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Almost forgot! This year we will also shoot in 10 for FILM project at TIFF, so...see you around :).