What do you do when it's raining for two days in a row? and you need to shoot outdoors?

posted by Horatiu Curutiu in April 23, 2017

Something like this happened... We had everything planned for 3 days, but because of the availability of the locations and actors personal schedule, we did it in 6.

In this article, I will tell you what happened during day 4 and 5.


Let's start with the location. Before every production that it's going to be shot outdoors, we check the weather before. We didn't have the weather on our side, because it was raining heavily and it wasn't going to stop soon. We wanted to shoot the graffiti scenes in more than a dozen places in town, but we decided to go with the "outdoor graffiti exhibition" from under one of the bridges in Cluj. This is an amazing place. The drawings are really awesome, if you travel around, you should check them out.

We had two options. To shoot with natural light and make the best use of it, or, use artificial lights and light up everything. We went for the first choice, mostly because it was raining really heavily.  The thing with natural light that is always changing. We were supposed to shoot in an interval of 3 hours and we needed the light to be the same.

Because we were shooting under the bridge, we had basically a roof on top, with two big open margins. I decided that the best choice is to shoot somewhere between 11 and 14, in that interval the sun would be over us, and we would have a big diffusion from the clouds and more soft light bounced towards the margin. And yes, we had loads of fun 🙂

If you want to check the graffiti drawings here is the link with some photos of them we did a day before.


Darius, our dancer was pretty amazing, truly a professional. You might wanna check him out here

On our fifth day, we did the meat factory shots. We had a little trouble finding one that would actually let us shoot there.I don't know why. Long story short, we thought about shooting in a butcher store or a meat factory since the day we started discussing this project, but because we imagine that there will be really strong images for a particular category of people we dropped the idea. We had filed permit requests on two banks to shoot in an actual bank but seems that 10 days for this kind of request isn't enough so they can make a decision. We didn't have a budget for building a set that looks like a bank, so we went for the meat factory.

If you live around Cluj-Napoca, it's 100% percent that you've heard about "Moldovan" - the butcher stores. They are doing everything right, from marketing to processing meat.

We have one more day that we are going to show you. Day 6. So, stick around!

Full Music video below!